Monday, August 13, 2018

Library Orientation 2018: On Students' Library Experiences

Because our themes for this year are EMPATHY, INCLUSION and DIVERSITY, the library orientation I prepared for my students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 focused on their library experiences, past, present and the future. 

For grade 9, since they are new students coming in the Academy, I asked them of their ideas and concepts on what a library is. This is an assessment activity as well as a way of connecting what they know to the current library programs and services we have in the Academy. This was followed by the basic library protocols and guidelines. Circulation services, use of the Online Public Access Catalog, points of access when using the library's online databases and essential agreements in the library. These were all introduced to the new students but will be taken up in-depth in the subject and content areas through library sessions.

The grade 10s looked back at their library experiences from grade 9. Since they will be starting the year with their Personal Project (PP), I gave them a session on the use of our online subscriptions and how it can be of value to their research. It is an introductory session too, since the PP Coordinator and I have identified contact points and engagement activities focusing on research in the coming months.

The grade 11s had a Library Bingo that is very similar to a Library Scavenger Hunt. This is to prepare them for the library session scheduled for them during Foundation Week (more on that in a separate blog). Closing the morning run of orientations, I presented the Reading Without Walls campaign to the grade 12s as well as possible library projects where they can participate in earning them Community, Action and Services hours.

The grade12s will soon leave the Academy to pursue their academic careers. Out there, they will experience libraries that are embedded in the system of community building and knowledge creation. Here's hoping that their last year with me as their Teacher Librarian will be an insightful and fruitful year of inquiry, research and sharing one's time and skills for literacy development.

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