Friday, August 17, 2018

IB School Librarians Reaching Out: Developing and Supporting the IB Programs

Sometime in July, I received this query from an IB School Librarian about developing the collection of the library and supporting the Diploma Program.

I would request you to guide me regarding the resources for my IB Library and my role in the extended essay.

Below was my response.

You can start by reading the EE Guide. There is a page in the guide dedicated to the Role of Librarians in the EE. As to developing the IB Library’s collection, you can begin by reviewing the DP Curriculum and the course offerings in your school. I do not acquire and manage textbooks, but develop a collection of books, e-resources that supports and supplements the courses we offer. I am also keen on growing a Teacher’s Resource Collection and manage a Google site of our library. 
Have you attended an online workshop or onsite workshop on the EE and library development? Having access to MyIB also helps. Outside IB, there are groups in social media composed of IB School Librarians. They are in Facebook, Twitter and even in Instagram. 
There is so much to learn in the IB and it’s an exciting place to be. Support and a professional learning network are readily available. 
Good luck!

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