Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mommies Who Read To Their Kids, Succeed!

Photo credit to Mommy Val P. Thanks so much!
When Nico, our eldest told us last month that he and his friends who from ConChords, the a cappella group they formed nearly two years ago, will compete in the A Capella Championship 2018 in Singapore, we racked our brains for ways to raise funds. Planning a trip abroad in a month is a financial nightmare in our case. These things take time, right? So, it must be a generational thing for Nico to surprise us. The experience has been stressful, but fun and exciting. Ah, what the young learn from their elders and vice-versa. 

Long story short, we did crowdfunding, solicitations from family and friends and fund raising. 

I sold my books, the Bulilit Books-Project LEARN series, to raise funds and amazingly, all the Filipino versions I bought have all been sold. In the process, I get comments and feedback about the from friends who supported Nico through this fundraiser.

Mommy Jet was impressed with Magbilang Tayo. She bought two sets as gifts to a nephew and to one of her godchildren. How she missed having a toddler and a young reader, she said. If the book elicits that kind of response, our writing team must have done something write! 

Then there's Mommy Magie, a college friend who bought five sets as gifts too. She gave a set to her daughter's best friend who was, at the time, celebrating her birthday. How timely! Her youngest was so happy receiving the books as well. It must be the personal messages I write to readers. It is something I enjoy doing as well for I believe that authors build relationships with their readers. What's more, I wish to convey to my young readers that when they open the pages of the book, they interact with the story. 

Mommy Val bought eight sets for the same purpose as Mommy Magie. Her son's birthday was within the week when she bought the books from me. The books are give aways and tokens for her son's classmates since he will be celebrating his birthday in school. Here's hoping his classmates enjoy reading the books!

A note from Mommy Shine. How touching!
And then, there's Mommy Shine who first knew my work through Big Sister (Lampara, 2014). She learned of my book sale in Facebook. As a mother of two, she is serious in raising kids who read. She reads to her kids regularly that's why she has a good knowledge of children's books and literature available in the market. When we had our meet up, she told me how her daughter could relate to Big Sister. Oh, I know how it is since I am a big sister too, I replied. And we had a good chat on parenting and reading, and learning and managing time for ourselves as women and for the home we keep. 

This fund raiser has been a fun. Tiring yes, and I had to put aside a lot of work for the summer. But that's how it is with being mom. No regrets. 

My appreciation goes out to all the mommies who bought my book. You, ladies, really know what to do with my books. This makes me one happy author!

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