Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Library School and An Art Building Grow in Quezon City! (1 of 2)

L-R Tessie Moran, librarian of NBS College, Elnora Conti and ZarahG
In a time when the political climate cast shadows of darkness within the country, and seemingly this stretches out beyond our shores, I see hope flicker in corners that need to be brightened even more. These corners are places where dreams are born and they take flight. A library school grows in Quezon City and an art building is in the works in UP Diliman.

Let me share about this new library school first and the second post will be about the new art building of the College of Fine Arts in UPD.

Right after the PBBY board meeting last June 18, I visited the National Bookstore College. There I met Madame Elnora "Ate Nora" Conti, former president of MAHLAP and former member of the PRC Board for Librarians. I call her Ate Nora, since, in PNU culture, we call our older alumni and upperclassmen "ate" and "kuya". Ate Nora and I were part of the group who gave birth to the PNU Library and Information Science Alumni Association. She was its first president and I was the treasurer. Neither of us is active in the association anymore, but it is our bragging right to claim that we set it up for future LIS alumni of PNU to continue its goals and objectives. Observing the activities and events the PNULISAA has organised in years past, they are doing a good job at programming professional development activities for its members. With a bit of inspiration, they can do more.

And so, this was our meeting point. It felt good to reconnect with Ate Nora after all these years. Seeing her up and about after life's challenges made my admiration of her grow even more. In NBS College, she is helping the young learning community grow the Library Information Science curriculum and program. You cannot really stop strong and determined women.

She gave me a tour of the new college which was located in the 4th floor of the National Bookstore building along Quezon Avenue. How it reminds me of Beacon Academy minus the green environment. As a start up, there is the promise of good things to come and dreams to be fulfilled. That makes start ups exciting places to work in. Knowing Ate Nora and our experience in PNULISSA, I understand why she is there at NBS College. I do recognise where the pioneering spirit comes from.

The NBS College exudes a modern and urban atmosphere that young city dwellers looking for a new place to learn and to be will find it there. The design of the rooms and workspaces reflects the city's character, big, bustling and proud. They will open their doors college students this August. Of the six bachelors degree courses they offer, Bachelor of Library Information Science is one. The college offers scholarships and grants for the pioneering batch.

NBS College bears the name of its popular bookstore as built by Socorro "Nanay" Ramos. But, NBS takes on a new meaning: Nurturance; Benevolence; and Service. It does sound like Nanay Ramos' life goals and mission-vision too, right?

For information, call 02-216-5716. Email is Visit its website

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