Friday, June 29, 2018

The Language Experience Approach (LEA) Part 2 of 2


NATURE WALK - Go for a 10-15 mins walk in the garden or outdoors. Observe the surroundings. What do you hear, see, smell and feel? After the walk or stroll, talk about the experience. Write them in sentences, then read it aloud to yourself or to others.

My Favorite Things - Choose pictures of the things you like from old magazines. Cut them out. Paste each picture on a clean sheet of paper. Tell a partner why you like these things. Write it down once you are done sharing with your partner. Put them together to form your book of favorite things.

Wordless Picture Book - Tell the story of a wordless picture book using your own words to a partner. Write a sentence for each page of the book on a separate page.  Have your partner read what you have written down. Talk about the experience of telling and writing the story.

In Your Own Words - What is your morning routine? What activities do you do in a day? Write them down or draw it. Turn to your partner and talk about routines and activities you do. Listen to your partner as he/she talks about her schedule.

Before Going to School - List down the things you do before going to school. Draw the most important to you. Write the reasons why and read it aloud to your partner. Compare your work and discuss.

After LEA Activities

1. Identify relevant words in the written output.

2. Make a list of these words in a WORD WALL. As an extension, make a dictionary form these words.

3. As a reader, identify sentences that struck you from the works of your classmates/co-participants.

4. In a group, discuss reasons why you found the sentences meaningful.

5. As an extension activity, go to the library and look for:

a. Magazines about nature or the environment;
b. A book on scrapbook making;
c. Wordless Picture Books;
d. Posters, brochures or infographics on time management;
e. A book that has a poem or stories about school and friends in school.

Remember these basic principles of LEA as postulated by Roach Van Allen (1964), one of the proponents of LEA.

What I can think about, I can say.
What I can say, I can write.
I can read what I have written.
I can read what others have written for me to read.

Listen. Speak. Read. Write!

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