Sunday, February 18, 2018

Book Giving Day 2018

A few days before International Book Giving Day, a colleague and friend at work told me how her daughter loved one of my books, My Daddy, My One and Only (Gagatiga & Tejido, Lampara Books 2013). They had a wonderful time reading the book together and her daughter worked on all the activities that were included in the book. My colleague was bright eyed narrating how she received the Parent Award that her daughter filled out. Needless to say, parent and daughter were engaged.

Imagine my joy that day to hear feedback from my readers! So, on February 14, I gave them another book, Big Sister (Gagatigas & de Jesus, Lampara Books 2015) which was one of the Top Ten Kids’ Choice of 2016. I am hoping this would lead to more creative engagement between parent and child as I told my colleague and friend that she can start encouraging her daughter to draw, write and tell her own stories.

Sharing with you this IG exchange on the experience.

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