Sunday, February 25, 2018

Book Display: Paws for Reading

It was Chinese New Year last February 16, 2018! Because it is the Year of the Dog, my staff, Flynn, set up this book display to highlight library books about dogs and the canines we love.

My personal favorites from the recommended books on display are Laika and Stargazing Dog, graphic novels that show man's relationship with his best friend, the loyal dog.

In Stargazing Dog (Takashi Murakami), an old man retreats from the world and dies in a field of sunflowers. He is survived by his pet dog, who stayed with him until his last breath. Laika (Nick Abadzis), is a historical fiction about the first living creature sent into outer space by the Soviet Union during the space race. Issues on animal rights and the ethics behind scientific experiments are subtly discussed in the graphic novel.

We got good comments from members of the community who are dog lovers. Here's hoping they pick up the books on display.

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