Monday, March 27, 2017

Librarians From Letran Calamba Visit The Academy

Last March 15, 2017, librarian friends from San Juan de Letran came to visit the Beacon Academy Library. Headed by their tenacious library director, Ms. Evelyn Nabus, the group was fortunate to observe my class of grade 10 students in the library. I had a session with the grade 10s on Academic Honesty, particularly on the topic of citation of sources and referencing.

Prior to my class, we had a round table discussion on library customer service, marketing and promoting the library, and creative ways to make the library visible and functional in the lives of readers and patrons. Another topic that was of great interest is Media and Information Literacy (MIL). As I have been involved in a consultation on MIL policies, I recommended that they seek more experts in the field to understand the complexities and varying skills involved in understanding and crafting a MIL program.

They capped off their visit with a tour of the school. Of course, I was very proud to show them the Academy's art gallery where we currently have exhibits by our Griffins. Another part of the school that made for a good picture taking spot  for the group was our Olympic sized pool.

It has been a month since the MUNPARLAS Librarians came to see us. Such visits by colleagues only affirm how libraries need each other to grow and extend resources that we all know are scarce, if not, are controlled by a few.

I think it is only a matter of time for librarians to fully capitalize on this opportunity to collaborate.

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