Friday, March 31, 2017

A Step Backward Before the Leap: From IL to MIL

Before pursuing a new endeavor or learning something new, I first ask myself where am I and what do I know about this new thing I wish to explore and learn. I then look at what I can do and what I am not capable of doing. I actually do a SWOT analysis. Then, I fill the gaps. 

I found out that this strategy is more applicable only in my work and in my professional life. The personal aspect is, ah, complicated. 

So, when UNESCO launched the document on Media and Information Literacy a few years back, I took it slow. No need to rush. Don't join the bandwagon, I told myself. I know better now the value of taking things slow. Fast does not always mean best and what proves to be a quick fix fizzle soon enough. 

What I did was to look back at what I have written about Information Literacy, the projects I have done in the past and compare them to what I am actually doing today. And it had been timely! Because, around a year or two ago, Joseph Marmol Yap approached me for materials on Information Literacy. I first sent him these blog links:

Some of these writings ended up in the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) working paper for policy making and development.

Since IL has evolved to MIL, I started curating for articles and best practices write ups. Here are two links I have in my MIL Pathfinder:

With the tremendous changes of technology, MIL content and programs are growing in leaps and bounds!

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