Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Common Mistakes of Newbie Children's Book Authors

Mr. Alvin Gale Tan, a participant in the recently concluded 4th Lampara Books Likha-Pambata Writing and Illustrating Workshop sent me a question through Messenger. The workshop was conducted during the 37th MIBF. Most often, the time spent for question and answer is not enough. With email and social media, conversations and further comments or feedback can be entertained. Thus, the learning continues.

And so, he asked:

What are the 3 most common mistakes of newbie children's book authors?

My answer:

Children's Literature is the literature of hope. Remember what children and childhood stand for when you write stories for children. The ending is not always a happily ever after, but children's stories always give the reader a sense of a good feeling despite suffering; an acceptance of truths and values we hold dear in a world in chaos; that light can shine in the midst of darkness.

It will help the aspiring writers of children's books to look at the 10 Values of Children's Literature by Ruth Kearney Carlson (1969). The link is from the ERIC database where the PDF can be downloaded for free. As an addition, here are my recommended books to read for the newbie writer of children's stories.

There are many more good books to read and learn from. Search the blog for past reviews and the list of winners in the National Children's Book Awards. 

Mistakes can't be helped, especially when we are starting off with projects or a new endeavor. Failures are part of the learning process. If we take on a positive attitude and an open mind, we will arrive at the desired destination.  

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