Thursday, September 22, 2016

Young Adult Library Services: College Talks at the Library

College talks kicked off a few weeks ago in campus.

Our college guidance counselor's favorite venue for college talks is the library. I take this opportunity to collaborate with her by displaying books about college readiness and writing college essays and letters of applications. It helps that our college counselor loves books and reads a lot too! She does not only see the library as a physical space to be used for events.

This simple plan to encourage students to read was hatched a year ago. We both saw the relevance of reading books and how this can greatly help in writing essays. The other aspect of writing like outlining, organization, use of language is being handled by the Language Arts teachers. So, we support each other so that our students are not lost out to sea. This is how we do things in the Beacon Academy.

By putting on display books that matter to our high school students, the library's role as a reosurce center is up on the plate. This way, students can see and preview books to support them on the task of choosing colleges and applying for one. More so, writing that essay! I also whipped up a list of recommended books on the said topic. Apparently, two books were picked out from the display shelf! It works!

Recommended list of books on College Application and Essay Writing

A follow through on this library service would be to lead students and the guidance counselor to World Book Online's Life Skills web portal where young adults can access information on personal financial management, looking for a dorm or boarding house, planning for life after high school, preparing for interviews and considering a gap year. Again, timing is of the essence because using resources need to be strategically planned.


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