Friday, October 9, 2015

A Big Sister Story: Grace and Mary Rose

Mary Rose Lagunsad is one of the five winners of my FB-micro blogging contest on our new book, Big Sister. Big Sister is mischievously and lovingly illustrated by Ruben "Totet" De Jesus and published by Lampara House

The contest had one question: what makes your "ate" special? Tell us and get a free copy of the book. The first four to comment gets a free signed copy. Below is Mary Rose's answer:

My Ate is special! She's a talented woman who acts, sings, emcees & plans events really well. She was Best in Deportment in Elementary. She won "Best Doña Victorina" in High School. Despite her being very emotional she's sensitive to the needs of others. She's a wonder girl who juggles her roles as mom, sales agent, tv&movie talent,to name just a few. We may have bad sister days but she makes an effort to turn things around. No wonder her name is Grace.

Mary Rose teaches kindergarten. She is a mom to Marjeorie and Matthew. A book lover since her grade school days, she believes that books can take her to many places and allow her to talk with many people faster than modern technology. Revisiting places and rekindling the moments spent speaking with the men and women of great thought and wisdom for free are but a few of the many rewards of reading books.

Thank you Mary Rose, for joining the book contest. I hope you enjoy the book!

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