Monday, October 5, 2015

Blog Event for National Book Week 2015

Last September 26, 2015, I posted this call for volunteers in my FB page for Filipino Librarians to join a blog event for National Book Week 2015. Here is what I said:
Hi! I am gathering a group of librarians who can guest in my blog through posting an article about the book week theme for this year: The Filipino Reader in the Era of ASEAN Integration. The blog event will start on October 24, and will end on November 24.

It is simple to do. A sub-theme or question is assigned per week. Three librarians will write about the sub-theme or question of the week. Their articles/essays will be posted in my blog MWF. Participants are requested to post in their social media accounts the articles/essays via ‪#‎filipinolibrariansread‬ ‪#‎NBW2015‬ ‪#‎readinginASEANIntegration‬. 12 librarian volunteers are needed for the blog event.
The objective of the blog event is to drum up the NBW 2015 and campaign for books and reading. We are librarians but how many of us are bold and brazen enough to show the world our love for books and reading? Now is the time to actively and visibly advocate books and reading.
I was able to round up twenty two volunteers and invited librarians and friends. They are:

Roi Calilung, Darrel Marco, Ryan Joseph Balmaceda, Igor Cabbab, Michale John Tarronas, Martin Julius Perez, Elijah Dar Juan, MJ Tumamac, Rhea Apolinario, Willian San Andres, Audrey Anday, Candy May Schif, Cristina Villanueva, Jing Hernandez, LC Fernandez, Rochelle Silverio, Anne Grace Bansig, Iyra Buenrostro, Mia Diesta, Vine Degamo and Mennie Ruth Viray.

In the coming weeks you will be reading about what Filipino Librarians are reading, what reading means to them, who they think are their readers in the age of ASEAN Integration, and what role do books and libraries play in this economic convergence of South East Asian nations. The topics per week are:

Week 1 - October 24 - 31: Filipino Librarians and the Their Reading Habits
Do Filipino Librarians read? If yes, what are they reading? If not, why? Why are they reading? What is their preferred reading format? Whom do they speak with about books they have read? Where do Filipino Librarians get their books?

Five Filipino Librarians

Week 2 - November 1 - 7: Filipino Librarians and the Essentials of Reading Books
What is the perfect book?  What are the top ten best books you have read in your lifetime that have made an impact in your life? What are your recommended reads for other librarians? It can be books about librarianship or LIS, fiction or non-fiction.

Five Filipino Librarians

Week 3 - November 8 - 14: Filipino Librarians and Their Library Readers
Who are your readers in the library? Why do they read? What are they reading? How do they Read?

Six Filipino Librarians

Week 4 - November 15 - 24 - The Filipino Librarian on Books and Reading in the Era of ASEAN Integration
What role do books and libraries play in the era of ASEAN Integration?

Six Filipino Librarians

I will post the schedule of Filipino librarian guest bloggers and their articles soon!

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