Monday, August 3, 2015

Paglaki ko, gusto ko maging kwentista!

Museo Pambata has chosen me as one of the six storytellers to be included in the roster of artists and creatives who push for the development of literacy and children's rights. I am deeply honored.

I struggle to keep the self inflicted flattery down low. I pray to be blessed with the grace of smallness. I do want to be recognized for the hard work I put in as a teacher librarian, storyteller and author. And truly, I am happy. But I also need to keep in mind that this honor is not entirely my own doing. In many ways, I have the support of friends in the industry. I know that my parents were instrumental in building in me a positive work ethic. My children are my constant inspiration. My husband is my worst critic (and this is a good thing).

More than anything, this honor of being inducted as a role model for young people inspires me to do more. To never stop creating and looking for possibilities when the road that is ahead presents dead ends. To the Museo Pambata people, this early, I thank you for this honor. In this day and age, our work in providing young people with the chance to grow roots and wings is all the more challenging. May we draw strength from each other and inspire more young people to continue what we have started.

See you all next month in the launching of the new Ang Paglaki Ko room!

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