Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Review: Amazing Me

Amazing Me (Firetree Press, 2015) is written and illustrated by Nica A. Hechanova. The book is about basic yoga poses that kids can easily do. The concepts and skills that go along with learning the yoga poses are embedded in poetry. The illustrations are simple, the lines are fluid and the colors are warm and vibrant. Purple, mauve, orange, brown, blue and green - my favorite colors! The book is hardbound and its pages are stitched together for a sturdy finish. I love the tree silhouettes on selected pages. These look easy on eyes and convey a relaxing feel to the entire design of the book.

Readers will find synergy in the poems, the illustrations and the yoga poses. The poem, along with its illustrations of young people in yoga poses that mimic the elements of nature leaves you with a message that you and I are one with the world. This is the strength of the book since Ms. Hechanova is all three: poet, yoga instructor and arts and crafts teacher. She is writing from what she knows and on subjects that she feels strongly about.

I felt how special the book was made for its intended audience.

For a more detailed instructions on the different poses, there's a how-to-do-it section at the later part of the book. Though the yoga poses are for kids, I tried doing it myself and I felt I did quite well! So, I suppose I am ready for the next level?

Adult yoga, here I come!

For more information on the book and how you can get a copy, visit the Amazing Me website

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