Friday, May 29, 2015

Think with Me! Write with Me!

Congratulations to the Philippine Association of Teachers of Library Science (PATLS) as it celebrates its 5oth year this 2015!

How apt that this year's batch of officers kicked off the organization's golden year with a summit focusing on research in Library and Information Science discipline. It is a great honor to be one of its esteemed speakers. For this, I thank the PATLS Officers for the opportunity to speak about topics and an issues that are close to my heart: school librarianship, children and young adult literature, storytelling, reading advocacy and Information Literacy. Though I was a resource speaker, I was also a participant who learned from my peers and mentors in the LIS profession.

I learned that there are many brilliant and passionate Filipino librarians alive today! I learned that the task of advocating for the growth of the profession is an unending cycle. I am affirmed once more on the importance of collaboration; that while there are differences that divide us, we are all one in the goal of improving LIS education in the country today. I felt hopeful!

And so, my take away from yesterday's session is to look for co-writers. Check my photo of the research agenda. Tell me what moves you. Are you willing to think and write with me? Send me a PM on FB or comment on this blog post!

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