Saturday, May 30, 2015

Live Blogging: Teaching with the Web

My workshop on Web Enhanced Teaching is on going. It is sponsored by Phoenix Educational Systems Inc. to further assists subscribing clients in the use of World Book Online. Participants are teachers and librarians from private schools. But, I am pleasantly surprised that seven librarians from the Quezon City Public Library are likewise here!

Right now, teachers and librarians are working on the tasks I gave them. Each group is involved not only in exploring World Book Online but in the discussions in their groups. Earlier, I moved around to see how each group is doing, working and exploring web channels in World Book Online (WBO). Some encountered connection problems; others had difficulty navigating the web channels; a good number of the teachers have gone beyond the given task and explored the contents, activities and interactive feature of WBO.

I am looking forward to the sharing of each group. This is where feedback, insight and an awareness of processes the group underwent are revealed. Completing the task is important, but knowing the steps and evaluating if the steps led to a good product is a practice of information literacy skills.

For this workshop, I designed it in such a way that inquiry and discussion are fused together. The questions came from me for each task assigned and participants discuss it among themselves. In the big group discussion, participants are will be encouraged to express insights and ask more questions.

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