Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Update on New Book Project: Big Sister

I received a soft copy of Big Sister from Lampara Books, publisher of my books for children. In a month or so, the printed copy will be ready and I am hoping to have a book launching in June or July. No details yet. Still an idea.

Ruben "Totet" de Jesus did an amazing job illustrating the story. Take away the text and the story can stand on its own legs through the drawings. Like Jomike Tejido and Liza Flores, Totet (a good friend from PBBY so I call him by his first name) knows how to bridge the text to a visual narrative. The result is wonderful! A merging of words and visuals on a printed page! What interpretation will the story hold when it reaches the hands of an effective storyteller like Dyali Justo?

Of course, I sound like "nagbubuhat ng bangko". Indulge me please. It is April Fools Day, anyway.

Here is a clipped photo from the dedication page of the book. Just like my previous books for children, Big Sister is a very personal story I put together a few years back. It is a dream come true to see it as a book for children.

I do not have a big sister but I have good friends who I consider as my sisters. At twelve years old, I became a big sister and it was only recently did I discover why I was given a baby brother. That my friends is for another book project!

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