Thursday, April 23, 2015

ARC: The Navy SEAL's Email Order Bride/Red Hot Beginnings Anthology

My affair with contemporary romance novels hit an all time high when I started reading Cora Seton, particularly The Cowboys of Chance Creek series. I have read all eight books in the series and was very much amused at the quirky characters, loveable female leads and the swoon worthy cowboys that are matched with them. It was a lot of fun reading the romance stories of Ethan and Autumn, Jaime and Claire, Cab and Rose, Rob and Morgan, and the rest of the Matheson brothers.

When I learned about The Heroes of Chance Creek series, I immediately purchased the first book The Navy SEAL's Email Order Bride. When I finished reading this, I bought the second one, The Soldier's Email Order Bride and the third, The Marine's Email Order Bride. I am patiently waiting for the fourth installment in the series, The Airman's Email Order Bride, to see how the Halls' quest to reclaim their home and ranch will end. Of course, it will end happily ever after, like most romance novels do. But the adventure, the relationships, the sense of community, along with its complications are elements in the series I want to see unfold and come to a conclusion.

What worked

I love Mason Hall because he loves his brothers, his family's heritage and the land he grew up in. Apparently, this SEAL has a strong and well balanced mental faculty that he does not suffer any post war trauma. Nope. He is not the dark and brooding hero. He is prideful, handsome, a gentleman and knows where his head and heart should be. He is your romance hero whom you can depend on. Ah, but his pride would get in the way some times and this is where Regan Anderson comes in to temper and put Mason into rights.

This is what I love about the book. How the author mixes and matches her characters to bring home the message that, despite differences, man and woman can live together. The stuff of fiction, some would say. An escape from reality, a few may add. But, I have seen real life relationships endure that makes me a believer in this conceit.

What about the sex? Of course there is plenty. But Regan knows what she wants and how to get it. Mason gives what he can and takes, in all sincerity and respect, what Regan is capable of giving.

What did not work

It's too short. I would have wanted to see more complications between the leads but, Cora Seton reserved that for the second book in the series.

As for the anthology, the Red Hot Beginnings, it is a sizzling read; a good reading companion these hot summer days. I've finished the second book, Life Blood  by V.M. Black and it can stand strong, enough for me to suspend my disbelief. Though it is not a finished novella, I can say that this is the better vampire romance novel I have read in a while. There is a series to the initial offering, Cora's Choice, so I might check it out soon as well. I am on the third novella now, Beauty Touched the Beast by Sky Warren, another promising read that touches on a May-December affair.

I will leave this review here but with a promise that I will come back to finish it. Until next post!
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