Saturday, April 25, 2015

ILN Discussion: Prove your worth!

I have been thinking through these questions:
•    How do you measure success in your library?
•  Are library statistics gathered? How are they used, and what do they tell you about the library?
 •    Who makes funding decisions about your library? How are those decisions made? Is funding very difficult to get?
 •    What is one story you can tell about a positive outcome that was achieved by your library?
These are the questions I need to answer for the ILN's topic of discussion. It cuts across library advocacy and knowing the roles that librarians play in the community he or she works with. I will get back to answering these questions before the weekend comes to a close. For now, follow these links since ILN participants have written about proving the library's worth and library advocacy.

What will you do to prove the worth of your library?

SLA Success Stories

The Elevator Pitch

Return on Investments

Library Measurement and Metrics

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