Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why #griffinsread

We are now on the third week of our reading passport activity. Overall, there are twenty students who availed of the reading passport and so far, three have finished theirs. Soon, I will be posting their passports in the bulletin board for everyone to read.

What I find beneficial in the passports is the opportunity to know my high school readers better: why they read, how they read and what book they feel good at recommending to other readers. This is data that would help me improve my collection development program and readers advisory services. I learn from my students too. Their book choices amazes me! What I identified as a senior book was read by a freshman. Never judge a reader by his or her grade level. I think this sensitivity and perception to the varying reading choices of teens prompts me to offer books that will open readers to broad perspectives and world views.

From the photos, you can say that these students who participate in the activity are indeed readers. The avid ones!

It remains a challenge to inspire the reluctant readers to visit the library, pick a book and read.

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