Sunday, December 28, 2014

Filipino Librarians of the Month: The DepEd Calamba Library Hub Librarians (2 of 2)

Last Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Elinor Hemedes answered some questions about her work in the DepEd Library Hub System. This time, the blog features Myra Ortega, Elinor's partner and friend. Myra had been very persistent in inviting me to come over for a talk/training session. At last, we were able to squeeze in a schedule for this training despite a very tight calendar. I suppose we need more librarians like Myra who perseveres until she succeeds!

Myra is seated at the right. Beside me is Elinor.
1. Why did you decide to work in the DepEd library hub system? 

Security wise, I opted to grab my chance of being a member of DepEd family. I also aspired to become one. I want to help pupils and promote the love of reading. Luckily Library  Hub is a unique project of DepEd to and everything that I used to do when I was in the private institution made me realize that I have a great part of improvement and development in my present work.

2. What are the challenges you face in managing the library hub? How do you overcome these challenges?

Library hub supervision alone is really a big challenge on my part, I take it positively and I apply what I have learned in library management. I don’t see that manning the library alone is a hindrance to meet my goal.

3. What are the success stories you have so far? 

This Reading Month celebration, we invited day care centers to visit the Library Hub. We conducted storytelling. Our teachers attended such including pupils who won storytelling contest last school year base on cluster competition. Such activity may promote an essential aspect of the Library Hub and we extend the services we offer not only for public schools but to the community as well.

The Division of Calamba leads the Reading Month celebration thru competition of different category that aims to continue promoting the Every Child A Reader program, make every Filipino child a competent reader and writer and instill the love of reading among Filipino readers.

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