Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sagada For the Second Time Around

I'll be up in Sagada from April 24-25, 2014 for the MUNPARLAS Bibliocare Conference. I am honored to be in the roster of respected speakers on books, reading and bibliotherapy. Preparing for the conference has been an exciting journey as I have new methods and practices to share with the participants. Part of my workshop is an echo of the 42nd IASL Conference in Bali where in I'll be talking about life skills and how school libraries can set up programs that foster it. I'll also present my insights on the workshops I attended in the Bali Conference. Hopefully, this will elicit discussions that will spark ideas among librarians present there tomorrow.

For sentimental reasons, I am thrilled to be going up Sagada again. My first time there was with Dianne de Las Casas last May 2010. It was when we started working on our book project, Tales From the 7,000 Isles. 

Look back with me by clicking these links:

Sagada Day 1 - First impressions are lasting
Sumag-ing Cave - One of the many life changing adventures I've had so far.
Fidelisan Rice Terraces and Bumod-ok Falls - This trek was like a trip to Middle Earth!

I'll be blogging from Sagada so keep visiting the blog for news and updates.

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