Friday, April 4, 2014

Quick Book Reviews: Senioritis and Going Off to College

Has senioritis set in among your students bound for college this fall? Maybe it's a good time to pull in your advisory group together and talk about this life changing event. Seniors in your group can share in their college application journey or the decision process they went through on what to do after high school. Take this as an opportunity for learning engagement.

The school calendar tells us that there is enough time for our seniors to study for exams and to complete requirements. In between days, encourage your senior advisees to talk about their anxieties, fears and excitement about college or the gap year some would take after graduation. An old chapter of their lives is about to close and they will begin a new one. Share success stories of your freshman year. Failure and mistakes committed during freshman year may prove to be a turning point towards becoming a better person so, this has worth in storytelling sessions with your advisees. But of course, you must select the good stories where they can mirror themselves in the experience.

Not inclined to share personal stories at all? OK. Lead them to the library for these books:

Another Sort of Learning is a collection of very philosophical essays by James V. Schall. Students headed out of high school to embrace serious academic work in university may find the readings in this book meaningful to their adjustment in college life. Countdown to College: 21 To Do Lists for High School is straight to the point and organizes information in graphic representations. It has tips and "step by step strategies" for high school students from grade 9 - 12 thus, emphasizing the idea that college life or life after high school does not begin in the first month of senior year in high school. Lastly, College Essays That Made a Difference can help sophomores and juniors approach their college essay applications with a clearer mind. Good to prepare for this kind of writing early on. Included in the book are essays of seniors who made it in their college or university of choice.

You may wish to read one or two of the books yourself. I have flipped through essays in College Essays That Made a Difference. I am affirmed of my choice to stay in this profession.

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