Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Role of the School Library and Librarian in the Digital Age

Below is the abstract of the paper I am going to present in Bangkok on July 12-13, 2012 during the 10th Book Festival and the The Knowledge Park Reading Conference


Technology is a game changer. The advent of the 21st century brought many technological challenges to school libraries. It affected the ways school librarians plan and implement library programs, as well as, the conduct of library services and operations. This paper compares two paradigms in which traditional library practice is based on versus current schools of thought on library practice as espoused by thinkers in the profession. From here, the 21st century roles of the school library and the school librarian are enumerated. The implications that these new roles demand on school administrators and the school librarians are identified. Position statements on the contributions of school libraries to the attainment of literacy goals are included together with researches that prove the relevance of school libraries to student achievement. The last part of the paper is a brief report on school libraries, literacy and reading initiatives in the Philippines.

Apart from the paper presentation, I will also sit in a panel to discuss on the theme: Empowering Children for the ASEAN Future.

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Susana said...

Go Sarah, Im proud of you.... Im inspired of the paper that you are going to represent the Phils. good luck.. From Susana Torres

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