Friday, June 1, 2012

Bibliotherapy @ the SAS Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference

It's Day 3 of the SAS Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference at the Science Education Complex, ADMU. The morning began with Audie Gemora as plenary speaker on Theater and Art. Teaching involves performance and yes, dramatics. After this, teachers went ti their breakout sessions/workshop for the morning.

 Part 1 of my Bibliotherapy workshop ended a forty-five minutes ago and the input session involved activities that exposed teacher participants to reading, writing, speaking and listening activities with in the context of my topic. The participants will be back at 1:45 for the second half of the workshop where they will actually do developmental Bibiliotherapy.

 Day 2 of the conference proved to be a workshop fiesta on writing stories and the teaching of reading and writing skills. Thanks to my friend, Dr. Luis Gatmaitan who sent a text message saying that the experience had been a delight for speakers and participants. Children's Literature connoisseur Lina Diaz de Rivera and poet Rayvi Sunico gave plenary speeches and workshops were led by leading writers of Filipino stories for children and expert literacy teachers.

This morning, participants of my workshop came in all smiles because of two things: 1) happy that Day 3 of the conference is upon them; and 2) optimistic at the promise of another insightful day.

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