Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear SLIA: School Library Instruction Part 2

Once again, I got a question on how a school library instruction program can be developed. The question came from the librarian of Ateneo de Davao University, Madame Carmen B. Migalbin. She is the head librarian of the Grade School at ADDU. We met during the IASL Regional Conference in Bacolod.

This is her question:

...we,  librarians and English teachers are revising our Library Instruction Program. Can you share some ideas of  library skills or lessons to be included in each grade level? Baka, you have some good reference in mind. This is one of the topics I wrote in the evaluation after the Bacolod seminar.

I received the same question sometime in January of this year from Ms. Angelic Bautista, but hers focus more on the preschool level. Anyway, it is the same concern. In the digital age, library skills instruction/Information Literacy Skills Instruction is needed more than ever.

My reply to Madame Carmen will follow soon.

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Rosal Bulaong said...

Re: sample lessons for library instruction

English teacher has a lesson on a novel For whom the bell tolls -Hemingway. If I remember right the background for this novel is WWII. If I am correct (old age :)) she can assign students to look for incidents pertinent to the storyline but before their search librarian can handle class to teach about search techniques and topics to look for, etc. She can map/make record that she had seen this class re the lesson so there will be no repeat of the lesson to same class.
2. Another lesson on art = lesson is on art about different countries. Search can be by countries or art/paintings on fabrics of diff. countries.

Check on Big 6 by Berkowitz?

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