Friday, May 18, 2012

Live Blogging: PASLI Forum K-12 Curriculum

The PASLI Forum on K-12 Curriculum at Miriam College is well attended by school librarians from public and private schools. There are also a number of teachers from both sectors who found the forum helpful. Dr. Giron gave a brief but substantial presentation of the K-12 curriculum. Some highlights I took note of while listening to her talk:

Dr. Giron: the vision of K-12 curriculum is to produce holistically developed Filipinos who have 21st century skills and are prepared for higher education, middle-level skills development, employment and entrepreneurship.
Dr. Giron: The role of the school librarian permeates in all aspect of the Filipino graduate: IT and Media Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Life and Career Skills.
Dr. Giron: The K-12 basic ed curriculum is enhanced following the spiral progression approach.
Dr. Giron: Kindergarten under K to 3 is adopting MTB - mother tongue-based multilingual education.
Implications of the K-12 curriculum to school librarians: librarians are expected to be the information specialist in the school; helping students navigate the information landscape.
Dr. Giron: Get ready with your LIBratory! Librarians MUST teach!
In light of the K-12 curriculum, school librarians MUST bridge the digital divide among students, teachers, administrators, and the learning community at large.
Dr. Giron: Consider new ways of promoting reading; seek your professional development that will help you grow even if your school doe snot provide for your expenses.
Dr. Giron: Help our K-12 Curriculum succeed!

Dr. Ed Fermin begins his talk on the Role of the Information Specialist in the K-12 Curriculum.


amoeba said...

Good, expecting more post on the topic.

Edward Dowdell said...

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Gene said...

Director P. Giron's talk about the libratory reminds me of Brophy's book: The Library in the 21st Century, particularly Chapter 8- Beyond the Intermediary.where libraries become places for content creation, media production, etc. by the community.

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