Thursday, October 20, 2011

When The Search is Sweet

Trawling the web these days, I have discovered some valuable search engines and websites for school librarians. I still love Google and my loyalty remains but searching for meaning in the big wide online world can derail and way lay even the most focused reader. So, I'm sharing what I found. I'm still exploring the online resources and search engines myself and it's been fun.

Sweet Search is a search engine for students. It claims that -- Every Web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated by our research experts. I've installed it my browser. It has categorized search engines for emergent learners, Social studies teachers and educators in general. Finding Dulcinea the Librarian of the Internet has web guides on a variety of subject areas, from art and entertainment to travel. It also has a neat web list of articles on world events.

And then there's School Library Advocacy that brings together news, articles, blogs and events on school library advocacy. Curated by Karen Bonano, School Library Advocacy has a lot to offer the school librarian who aims to know what's out there in the web.

With these Web 2.0 apps, one has to think smart to use the technology responsibly.

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