Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love a Librarian: Loving the LIS Profession in Many Ways

Today's Love a Librarian feature is Ms. Angelic Bautista. She describes herself as a subversive school librarian, book enthusiast, a reading advocate who runs around with stilettos by day and a coffee drinker by night. She sharpens her pencil in between.

She reflects on the many roles librarians play and how, by loving the profession, love is shown in many ways.

The new era librarians have taken the information world by storm! We succeeded drastically in changing the way people look at us. We surprise people when we introduce ourselves as librarians. “Really, you are a librarian? You don’t seem to look like one!” Have you heard that? Sound like music to our ears, right?. 

We librarians could play a long list of professions. To name a few, We are like pharmacist when we provide what our users asked for. Like doctors, we do follow ups. Lawyers, when we give justice to the materials that we provide. IT professionals, when we are becoming more and more computer literate. Accountants, when we determine our library’s assets and liabilities. Statisticians, in the way we generate our user’s statistics. Guidance counselors, in the way we handle bibliotherapy. We are also like teachers the way we do our storytelling and library instruction program. Not having to mention our artistic skills in library marketing. All these rolled in one with our curiosity, wide-ranging knowledge, good memory, organization and analytical aptitude, and discretion

We radically change as the world change. The best part of it, we can change the lives of many individual through this craft of reaching to them either through the dust or the mouse. We take part in the success of the many and though they don’t know our real value, we always take venture to our own desire to instill the love of reading.  We do not build libraries, we make one. 

This is what I am and will always be proud of.

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