Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love a Librarian: Pinay Librarian in the Land of Auss

Today's Love a Librarian feature is Mrs. Placida Socorro Lim-Limpin. Known to friends and colleagues as Peachy, she is based in Melbourne, Australia working as librarian at a training institute for adult learners. Before Melbourne, she has notable accomplishments in Philippine librarianship. She earned a spot in the Top 10 Licensure Exam for Librarians; was part of the group that organized and founded PNU LISSAA, the alumni association of Library and Information Science students of PNU; wrote a regular article on technology in the Manila Bulletin to mention a few. Peachy has recently been to the country for a paper presentation on cataloging during the 4th Rizal Library International Library and Information Science conference at the Ateneo de Manila University. She may be physically in Australia but the Philippines is in the heart.

For this blog carnival, Peachy preferred to answer all the questions sent to her instead of taking up one and developing it in an essay or reflection. Nonetheless, the result is heartfelt and sincere, like a sister or a dear friend, confiding and sharing life's lessons learned through experience and the living of each meaningful moment.

In response to Zarah’s request, where she sent a list of questions for me to answer, here are some things I don’t mind sharing with you.

What made me stay in the LIS profession and why

I’m a “been there and back again librarian”, having left the confines of a library to teach in an actual classroom and at university at that. But what made me go back to the librarianship was the basic fact that I don’t get to bring home work with me! And that in itself is a great relief.

I tried my hand at writing as well but didn’t want to go full time because it meant long nights and plenty of travels, which I wouldn’t mind if I had no kids to look after. So, yes, the routines of being a librarian, the work that goes with it, and especially the privilege of reading a new book first are my main reasons for staying a librarian.

On the book that changed my life

It’s really nothing profound, but the book that has changed not exactly my life, but my perspective of life is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Who is my librarian idol and why

I don’t exactly idolize any librarian but I do have a list of librarians I have high regards for but so as not to offend and risk the relationships I have with those NOT on my list, they shall remain nameless but can be shared privately on request. I know, it’s cheeky! J. Buh, humbug!

 Advise to LIS students especially those who are about to graduate

After graduation and on your first job, you’ll realize that much of the things you’ll find out at work you weren’t taught in library school. Sure you’ve done well in school doesn’t mean you’ll do well at work, too. Because the measures by which you were evaluated at school are so much different to the measures you will be evaluated at work. So start learning to build relationships and to keep these relationships because in the long run, these relationships you have built overtime will be the foundations of a rewarding career and a fruitful life.

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