Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Storytelling Without the Book

This conversation happened a few minutes before a storytelling performance.

Teacher: Hi! Ms. Zarah, thank you for saying yes to our invitation.

Me: My pleasure!

Teacher: May I know what book you'll be using for storytelling this morning?

Me: I won't use a book (smiles).

Teacher looked shocked. Disbelief etched all over her face. After a few seconds her surprise died  and she nervously smiled.

Teacher: May I know what story you'll tell then.

Me: Hmmm... I have not decided yet.

Teacher was horrified!

Me: I'll tell from the oral tradition. I'll use paper, chalk, my Sagada walking stick and my malong. Participation stories... (smiles some more)

Teacher: Can you at least give me the title of your story?

Me: I'll start with the story of this dog named Bingo. Then move on to some more animal stories. A bird, yes. And a spider.

Teacher sighed and went to the podium to start the morning program.


jers said...

I love Bingo! and the chick and the cat and the finger-play story:) I hope to see and learn (again) from you T.Zarah :)

Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

salamat jerson! what ever you learned, go and share it with others!

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