Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live Blogging: LIS Congress 2011

Here's a working outline of my lecture for today's LIS Congress at UP Diliman.

School Libraries Are Cool! School Librarians Rule

A. Storytelling – The Library Mouse

- What was Sam’s great discovery in the library?
- Where did this lead him to?

B. The Process of Creation

- Reading / Writing / Speaking / Listening

These four translate into one word – literacy. Sam, the library mouse discovered literacy in the library. He may be shy in the speaking department, but he was able to influence others the way the library and the librarian inspired him to become an author.

Authorship – may refer to writing a book or an article, but in a bigger sense, it means involvement in the process of creation (not limited to creating a book)

The process of creation is a very HUMAN act. For the process of creation to happen, it has three fundamental things –experience, imagination and literacy.

The library is one of the many venues where children grow in life experiences and take flight in imagination.

The library is one vehicle for children to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills thereby, helping them exercise their right to LITERACY.

How are these things translated to library services?

a. Library programs and activities
b. Library collection
c. Collaboration with teachers
d. Communication with administrators and stake holders
e. Linkages with the community – parents, alumni, local, national and international

C. School libraries are cool

-Because they are part and parcel of a child’s development into becoming a human being.

Candy Gourlay’s story – I was a Librarian’s Pet

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