Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Rise of Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg

The Busy Librarian's post about Facebook is one piece I wish I'd have written. Interesting insights!

Zuckerberg's invention has been phenomenal. Then again, there are skeptics who say that Zuckerberg's rise to online power may soon find its demise. As all things are, what goes up will eventually go down. But we're having fun, are we not? We find old friends in Facebook and connect with distant relatives abroad. I, for one, get my invitations to do workshops and lectures in Facebook. I get the news from TV and the internet, but flooding in Australia takes on a more human and realistic view when a friend set her profile at how Brisbane floods rivaled ours. A breakfast cereal eaten in the morning sounds very trivial, but I want to try it for its nutritional value. I buy my clothes from friends in Facebook now. That saves me the hassle of going to the malls. I tag photos of friends and family and somehow, we're closer sharing something in common no matter how mundane it is.

Facebook is not just a tool to connect people anymore. It's an environment that has to be managed and a community that fosters interaction.

Deal with it.

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