Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mike Rvera: Books I Read When I Was a Teenager

Mike Rivera, writer and food blogger, recollects memories of the books she read as a teen and why!

1. Agatha Christie books- particularly preferred the stories featuring Hercule Poirot.

2. Futureshock by Alvin Toffler- was very hard to read. I was just a High School senior. it was just fascinating to read about how someone envisioned the future. I got myself another copy recently and still amazed how many of Alvin Toffler's theories played out true 20 years after reading it.

3. Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear and Valley of Horses- was amazed how one could tell a story of a time before language was invented.

4. A Past Revisited and Continuing Past by Renato Constantino- was required reading in 4th year social studies but it left me amazed that history could be so anti-colonist. It felt subversive to read it even post EDSA Revolution. I eventually took to reading it on my own time.

5. Isaac Asimov's Foundation series- discovered this summer after graduating from High School.

6. 1984 by George Orwell

7. The Exorcist- Scared the shit out of me but I read it twice!

8. Tom Clancy Novels- I would read them after my father finished reading his copy.

9. Sweet Valley High- Was through with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and I thought the Bobsey Twins were lame.

10. Mills & Boon- This was my high school equivalent of erotica.

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