Monday, October 25, 2010

Liwliwa Malabed: Books I Read When I was a Teenager

Liwliwa Malabed shares her reading list. Liwa is a friend from KUTING (Kwentista ng mga Tsikiting), the premiere organization of children's book writers in the Philippines. She is currently its Vice President. Busy with KUTING work, as the organization os scouting for new members and inking writing projects left and write, Liwa does freelance writing for TV, magazines and the likes.

1.The Hobbit - Tolkien
2. The Thief of Always/Imajica- Barker
3. Walk Two Moons- Creech
4. Hope for the flowers-Paulus
5. Calvin and Hobbes-Watterson
6. Wasted-Alanguilan
7. Kitchen-Yoshimoto
8. Dance dance dance- Murakami
9. Of Love and Other Demons- Márquez
10. Alchemist-Coelho
and of course, pugad baboy, agatha christie and sweet valley (haha)

Most are books my brother (Jong) lent me. Everytime my kuya comes home to Ilocos, he would bring me a book or two. Just so i'll stop reading Sweet Valley.
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