Friday, August 27, 2010

Live Blogging: The 2nd Library Link Conference Part 2

The three hour session I conducted earlier has come to a close. We're enjoying lunch now and light conversations fleet from one person to the next. The conference is spearheaded by the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) focusing on preservation of library resources. Seeing that e-books and e-readers are new formats of library resources, they included these topics for this year's conference. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts supported the FHL. Suzanne G. Yupangco, deputy director of the FHL, was present to oversee and hand over the certificate to invited resource speakers.

Earlier, we had a group discussion on the future of publishing. Majority believe that publishing in the Philippine context is alive and well. Given the needs of young children to learn literacy skills, most of the librarians believe that traditional skills in acquiring reading skills must be taught through books, then technology. One group mentioned the importance of establishing connections with book vendors and publishers. Librarians are conduits and mediators of information and knowledge so awareness on current issues, like the topic on discussion, is necessary. While e-books and e-readers are gaining popularity, the challenge on costing, updating of technology and readership of these formats are issues that participants identified. It's good to note that there were a good number of male librarians in the conference. The gender divide is starting to fall now. A good sign.

I was expecting for questions from the participants at the end of the three hour session. There was none. I got affirmations from the participants afterwards -- from my wardrobe and make up, to the structure and style of my presentation. It's a good session. The food is great and the venue is perfect for a small delegate such s this. The best part is, I was given a perk! I got free pass to the Ayala Museum!

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