Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy

Last year, I wrote an essay on my Ondoy experience. I sent this to Elbert Or who was then putting together a collection of essays on the disaster. Almost a year after, he sends an email bearing good news!

The book, with the final title of After the Storm: Stories on Ondoy has been printed by Anvil Publishing, and should be in stores by...next week! There will also be a soft launch during the Manila International Book Fair.

Proceeds, as mentioned before, will all go to charity, with a focus on community rebuilding and livelihood programs to help those who are, up to now, still recovering from last year's typhoons.

The soft launch in the Manila International Book Fair sounds delightful. I just hope it won't coincide with the storytelling gig I scheduled for librarians of Lucena, Quezon.

I implore you to buy the book. It's for a good cause. Besides, it's my first book out as contributor.

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