Monday, June 7, 2010

Basic Teacher-Librarians Workshop

I was invited by the Rizal Library and Pathways To Higher Education for a talk on school library reading programs last month. The one hour lecture is part of the Basic Teacher-Librarians Workshop organized by the Rizal Library to re-orient and start off the teacher librarians who will run and manage the libraries in their schools.

For my talk, I gave the participants an overview of Reading. In planning and implementing library reading programs, the librarian (for this context it is the teacher-librarians who are concerned) needs to see the bigger picture of Reading. This would help him/her in organizing relevant and meaningful literacy activities for students in particular and the school community in general. I included an array of reading activities that teacher-librarians can do. The activities range from individual to group and community wide initiatives. Lastly, I presented a framework for them to use when planning the proposal for a library reading program.

This initiative may seem to run opposite the ideals of RA 9246. But one has to see the bigger picture. Due to the dearth of licensed librarians as well as work items for librarians in the public school system, most school administrations resort to assigning teachers to man the school library. On top of their teaching loads, teachers become officers-in-charge of the school library.

The need to apply and implement this law is great, indeed.

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nomer alcazar said...

"Due to the dearth of licensed librarians...most school administrations resort to assigning teachers to man the school library."

Let's pray for a hundred percent passing rate in the next LLE.:)

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