Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Filipino Librarian: Lilian Liberty Elenzano-Ventura

Most of the library science books I used back in college were written by librarians. These were textbooks I read and worked on from one LIS subject to the next. It makes sense, isn't it? Librarians write about the subject they specialize on or the courses they teach in the academe.

Just recently, I chanced upon a book written by a librarian. Lilian Liberty Elenzano-Ventura authored the book, Mga Filipinong Siyentipiko at Imbentor (Filipino Scientists and Inventors) a directory of Filipino scientist and inventors.

I remember Ms. Ventura from the Information Literacy (IL) project that Dir. Lou David spearheaded way back in 2004. She was then, a school librarian in the Quezon City public school system. If my memory serves me right, Ms. Ventura was one of the participants in the IL project that ran modules for its implementation in the school and its library. At that time, she has shown great promise in leading the project to reality.

I sometimes wonder what has happened to her and how she has been. Her stories about the programs she conduct in the school library piqued my interest since such activities were unheard of in the public school library system at that time. The library promotions and library periods could only have happened because, as the librarian, Ms. Ventura knows her library science and possesses the leadership qualities necessary to the do the job.


Lilian L.E. Ventura, Librarian, M.I.L.S said...

I'm still very much involved in library and information literacy related activities ...check me here:


Lilian L.E. Ventura, Librarian, M.I.L.S said...

Thank you! You're posts serve as my link to our world back there...I salute you! Keep it going :)

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