Saturday, November 28, 2009

Araw ng Pagbasa (Reading Day) 2009

The Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) system kicked off the celebration of National Book Week with a Reading Day - Araw ng Pagbasa in its selected branches last November 23, 2009. The event was a week long celebration of books, reading, children and senior citizens regaling the young listeners with stories read aloud.

Having conducted a storytelling workshop for the QCPL and the Federation of Senior Citizens Quezon City Chapter on November 20, 2009, lolos and lolas (grandfathers and grandmothers) volunteered to share their time and talent in storytelling in selected QCPL branches the weekend after. Photos of lolos and lolas who voluntered can be viewed here.

I am pleased to see how they took storytelling like fish to water. During the workshop, the lolos and lolas were avid listeners. They enjoyed participating in the workshop activities as well. As far as library services go, this initiative by the QCPL is a stone that hit not one, nor two or three birds - but four!

One, storytelling, especially the read aloud technique, is highlighted as an effective vehicle to motivate children to read. Two, storytelling in the library promotes the books and services it offers to children. Three, the activity was a library service geared towards senior citizens of the community too. And lastly, the whole event emphasized the important role that librarians play in community building. The QCPL librarians have the funding and the support of their local government units. By organizing events and library services such as this, they have shown leadership and dynamism necessary to accomplish roles and responsibilities of the public library to its patrons.

Congratulations to the QCPL librarians and more power!

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