Friday, November 27, 2009

Completing Life Cycles

During the con-current session of the Petron Gurong Kaakbay Conference at the Ateneo de Manila, I was introduced by a former student, Arnold Lau. In my session on Creating Classroom Libraries with the public school teachers of the conference, Arnold was there as my room monitor-assistant. Turned out that Arnold volunteered for the task. A freshman at the Ateneo, he looked just the same as I saw him last in Xavier School.

I remember Arnold as an upfront and straightforward boy, audacious at expressing himself and confident with his actions. He is one of Xavier School's Math Wizards. I was surprised though that he is taking a course that leans toward the humanities. Nonetheless, I felt I have completed a life cycle when he introduced me as his former teacher-librarian in Xavier School.

Just recently, I was once again given the opportunity to come full circle.

Last Wednesday, November 25, 2009, I had the honor and the pleasure of meeting my former teachers at the Pateros Catholic School, Grade School Department. I gave a four-hour workshop on storytelling for the grade school's teaching staff. My grade six Math teacher, Mrs. Figuron, my grade four Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Padama and my grade five Science teacher, Ms. Hipolito were present. It had to be the my most unforgettable storytelling workshop yet.

For this, I have to thank my former Filipino teacher in grade six, Mrs. Flery Natividad-Guevara, who is now the school's librarian for the invitation to do what I love doing. My gratitude goes out to my former grade three Reading teacher, Ms. Lolit Evangelista, currently the principal of the Grade School for welcoming me back to PCS, my alma mater. It is my hope to go back and give back in as much as I am capable of doing.

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