Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Young Adult Literature for LIS Students

Here is a great development in Young Adult Library Services in Philippine school and public librarianship -- LIS students studying and reading the literature for Young Adults. Igor Cabbab of the School of Library and Information Science sent me a lengthy reply when I asked about the reading list he has in his LIS 115 class over at Facebook.

His class has an interesting array of Young Adult titles. Take note that the titles of books mentioned were chosen by readers in the collegiate level (age range of 16-21 years old). Below is Prof. Igor's reply to my query.

It's been some time since I've taught this subj. 10 yrs? I'm rusty. :( Plus they all beat me in the reading time department). I opted for a survey type initially, drawing from what the class is actually reading plus stuff they've already gone through. This is so I could build up the subject again for the coming years. (YA Lit concept-wise, we went ... Read Morefor both matls written specifically for YA and what YA actually read as a springboard for discussions) Local side, seems they read Young Blood (inq compilations), Bo Sanchez, Bob Ong, David Hontiveros, etc. Spec Lit and Cont Realistic Fic is strong with them. Not much on Hist Fic and Bio. They do read a lot of diverse stuff for Non-fic. Poetry? Not much, they do write stuff on their own and some frequent fic and poetry sites.

I was surprised with the reading list they came up with (I left it up to reporters as to what they would want their classmates to read). It was so diverse. Works like Asimov's Bicentennial Man, A String of Pearls (original Sweeney Todd), A Constant Princess (Catherine of Aragon), Thin (anorexia), Kite Runner, an excerpt from A Mary Magdalene Decoding Da Vinci book (title escapes me right now), The Bible, Nick Joaquin, etc.

We still have comics, graphic novels, LGBT, etc. up for discussion. :D
I actually learn a lot too. It's a nice insight on how they think. I'd teach this subject again in a heartbeat. (May mga mangiyak-ngiyak pa dyan habang nag-ci-cirle discussion... Aminin). :D

Oh, yeah. Sherlock Holmes, Paris Hilton, the Roald Dahl bio, Michael Moore on George Bush too. :D

Oh, and there was that local Scooby Doo type gang solving mysteries which was mentioned, the series title of which I can't remember. *sigh* I have the memory of a goldfish. :(

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