Saturday, September 26, 2009

Facebook and the Great FLood

I am stranded in Quezon City while I write this. I am dry, warm and well fed. Where I am, there is electricity and wifi connection. I should not complain given my current predicament in the midst of this epic flood. But my mind wanders off to Pasig City where my husband, two kids and yaya (nanny) are. The last SMS I got from them was that the water has reached the dinning table and that they are all staying in the second floor of our house. Electricity has been cut as well as the water supply. It is going to be a long night for me.

I am worried and very miserable despite the comfort afforded by friends who are stuck in the clinic too. I am kept abreast with news via online and Facebook. And if these are consolations, then I thank God for the contact to the outside world.

It's interesting to read the posts and profile of friends and contacts. Facebook has now become a support group, a prayer request room, an emergency hotline, a news room, and a venue where you can get updates from friends and family.

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jers said...

thanks to the people behind FB :)

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