Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healing and The Handkerchief Man

Among the many wonderful stories found in Dianne De Las Casas' Handmade Tales, it is the Handkerchief Man that I feel so confident in telling. It has everything every Preschool and K-2 student would love -- a handkerchief that can be turned into a puppet, songs, actions and a little bit of dancing on the side.

Last August 19, 2009, the preschoolers of Ridgefield had a blast with Handkerchief Man. They sang along and danced with him. I was enthralled with their enthusiasm!

I remember some telling gigs ago, I told the same story to a group of grade two students. The kids wondered what happened to the spunky and spritely Handkerchief Man next. Thus, a prolonged session on the many what-ifs and adventures the Handkerchief Man encountered. Some believed he fell in a well and drowned. Others thought that the Old Woman ran after him and caught up eventually. A few were convinced that the Handkerchief Man was smart enough to squeeze himself out of any trouble.

Such is the power of stories! My jaded heart slowly heals as I begin to find hope once more among the people I meet and mingle with. One of these days, I will record and document the healing qualities of stories. Beginning from my own experiences, in every performance I do from one school to another, I will write them down. I will research and further explore the therapeutic claims of stories and storytelling. Then, perhaps, I shall be ready to go back to Singapore and share how stories and storytelling can heal the soul and enrich a life.


Dianne de Las Casas said...

Zarah, I am so honored that you are using Bandana Man (Handkerchief Man) in your storytelling. I love the story and find that children really respond to Bandana Man. Keeping doing what you do! You are amazing!

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

thanks, dianne. i had to change bandana to handkerchief due to vocabulary and contextual reasons :-)

handmade tales has so many wonderful stories! i will use ant and grasshopper in my storytelling workshop tomorrow. just so you know, i always mention you and your books as my source. now that's advertising for scholastic!

i hope enoy and meinard read this!!! LOL

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