Sunday, April 5, 2009

Online Resources for Holy Week & for Ordinary Weeks

It's Palm Sunday today. For Catholics, this ushers in the Holy Week meant for reflection, silence and reconnection with God and one's self. Though Lent began last February 24 on Ash Wednesday, this coming week is its zenith as Catholics and Christians world wide move on to prayer.

As long as one finds a quiet place, one can find God in prayer and reflection. And He is online too.

The Philippine Jesuits has a running Online Retreat. Dubbed as The Silences of Lent, one can attend the retreat via the Internet. It has a priming activity to prepare retreatants to the Tridium of this coming week. It is on it's second year and the first one was quite successful with so many retreatants posting their prayers and reflections in the forum. I was one of them. I even wrote about it in my personal blog last year. I'm not telling you to take my word for it, but it worked for me so I will do the same this year inspite of the annual Holy Week recollection that my husband and I will attend on April 9.

I'm not expecting to grow a pair of wings nor expect a halo on my head to appear. I've too many sins. Attending several recollections and retreats is merely not enough to absolve a sinner like myself. Besides, conversion is a long process. God works in wondrous ways and He has been patient with me. So who knows, I might receive a grace that I do not pray for.

I also look forward to the Online Visitia Iglesia. I hope the Jesuits do another round again because, if not this Holy Week, the churches are very good spots for the pilgrims to visit in the future.

Apart from these links for this Holy Week, Sacred Space offers online prayer guides and reflections even on ordinary days and weeks. Didache is also a good source for daily prayer. Bo Sanchez, lay preacher and inspirational speaker who is almost always in blue jeans, has a blog where his writings based on the scriptures are found.

There really is no escaping God's love and presence. His invitation is open and free for all. It is only a matter of choice to take and receive it. Have a restful Holy Week -- this means, no blogging from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. At least, for me.

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