Friday, April 17, 2009

MakakaAHON Tayo!

AHON Foundation continues to live up to its mission of building school libraries and stocking them up with quality and age-appropriate books for grade school children. Anna Rojas, AHON Executive Director blogs about her personal experiences in One Island At A Time.

AHON is currently pooling people and resources for their new project, FABILIOH 150x150 --

This project will be a university wide effort to raise at least 150 brand new books per class of students from prep to graduate school, to be able to help at least 150 public elementary schools in our country.

if your interested to lend a hand, just click the links for contact details and other information.

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Jobette said...

Hi Zarah,

the text link Live2care is about to prosper as my office mate (programmer) allow me to borrow his company receipt to withdraw the money from the owner of live2care. Maybe i could send you this week. I will pay 2 months advance so that it will not be hassle for us.

I like to ask a favor from the text link. The title of the link should be VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS. please replace it.

send me a list of your blogs so i could ask the live2care owner for approval of links.

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