Friday, February 13, 2009

Origami In The Library

The school library is a place that promotes excitement and engagement to activities geared to learning. Film viewings and storytelling sessions at lunch time are staple activities for our grade school students. Exhibits of works of art by students are a an added treat. Displays on glass classes, a collection of coins, Pokemon toys and dolls, souvenirs from trips abroad, pique the interest of the curious. Contests and games challenges the skills of the competitive.

Just yesterday, art and competition meet and match for the GS LRC's Origami Contest. It was a well participated contest with students from grade 2-4 as the main focus of the activity. There were nine contestants who registered and each brought with them their own origami paper. Indeed they came prepared because weeks before, they borrowed origami books for practice. The results were amazing!

Next to dinosaur books, origami books are a favorite of the students. The art of paper folding dates back to ancient China but has been adapted by other cultures. Japan was the most bedazzled by this art of precision, accuracy and neatness that the Japanese has enshrined this art form into the sublime. Along with Ikebana, origami espouses discipline and spiritual aesthetics. But of course, the contest was all for the spirit of fun and art development.

Winners of the contest were given certificates of recognition and a chance for their works to be displayed. A dinosaur, a scaled dragon and a rooster were the objects of the winner's piece. The activity was in coordination between the Art Department of the Grade School and the GS Learning Resource Center. Here we see another role of the school library -- a conduit to the integration of skills and disciplines.


Mrs. Hamilton said...

What a great idea - origami books are always checked out at my library, so I know my kiddos would love an origami day. Thanks so much for sharing!

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

thanks! let me know what happens when you try it out :-)

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