Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Highlights from LibSpeak 2009

The day after LibSpeak 2009 bolted me up to reality.

It felt good to be back in UP Diliman after three semesters gone AWOL. Sorry po, tao lang (I am only human). The morning conference went well with such inspiring words from Dir. Sally Arlante and Dean Vyva Cruz. Wala pa ring kupas si Ma'am Arlante. She remains to be sharp, smart and sophisticated even to this day when retirement beckons like an old friend. Professors of the UP SLIS were present as well as librarians from the Main Library. The conference was a UP FLIPP initiative and the school gave its one hundred percent support. No wonder the UP FLIPPers were in smart casual attire. Other participants in the conference were high school students who were participants in the LIS Wizard Contest that afternoon. A contingent from Cebu Normal University was able to make it in time for the lecture of Prof. Von Totanes.

Von Totanes gave a substantial and realistic presentation on the future of LIS (Library and Information Science) graduates and the qualities needed for fresh graduates to succeed in the field. I hope he posts his lecture as it is essential for other readers of his blog to understand movements and changes in the LIS profession.

As for my presentation, I will post the essay in the next couple of days. For now, I would like to hammer on the contest which I launched during my talk to the UP FLIPPers, colleagues in the profession, mentors and students.

Instructions to the contest are as follows:

1. Write an essay, at least five paragraphs long, based on these two questions:
What is the effect of blogging to LIS professionals?
What forces do blogs wield upon libraries, librarians and information professionals?
2. The blogs used as examples in the talk/essay Blog It! The Impact of the Blogging Phenomenon to the Field of Library and Information Science must be read and cited as examples.
3. Send essays to zarah.gagatiga@gmail.com
4. The best essay will be posted in SLIA (School Librarian In Action) and its writer will get a gift check as token.
5. Deadline for the submission of entries is on March 25, 2009.

Here now are the criteria.

1. Content - 40%
2. Organization and Composition - 30%
3. Relevance to the LIS issue in question - 30%

Happy writing and good luck!

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aczafra said...

Hi Zarah. Sent you an email re this contest. hope you're ok with it. :-)

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