Monday, September 15, 2008


And so it goes that stories come alive in the hands of an experienced teller.

Sonia Rocco has proven that in the recently concluded Salaysayan Storytelling Contest of the PBBY. She may not be the professional storyteller in league with Kuya Bodjie and Melody Remorca, but Madame Sonia dug deep into her life experiences, rich enough to flavor her 5 minute storytelling gig with sincerity and confidence. Fluency of the language also helped her earn a spot in the finals on Tuesday, September 16, 2008.

Storytelling is a performance art that requires the teller to be honest, spontaneous and natural. More than its entertainment value, it is a means to communicate an idea, a perspective, a world-view, an insight, a significant human experience. How could one truly communicate if there are masks and “put-ons”?

I’m withholding other opinions and thoughts on my experience as judge in this season’s elimination rounds of Salaysayan (except for the ones mentioned above) till the finals on Tuesday. Let me end this post with these words in the hope that those who made it to the finals could raise their game --

One has to know one’s self to be able to effectively tell a story.

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